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Come on Eunice I'm all ready for you. Tied everything down this afternoon  but said goodbye to the poly. With what is going to hit us tonight it will be a miracle if it is still there in the morning. 90mph predicted. Long tie downs put over but I expect it will still be shredded. Not having another one I shall build a lean to hothouse with a load of clear heavyweight corrugated I found a few years ago left by some fly tippers.

Well don't be tempted to visit until it has all blown through. 90 mph is very scarey and potentially very dangerous. Local forecast here is 35 to 40 mph winds with gusts up to 65 mph. 

Rule number one is stay safe everyone.  Also worth remembering rule number two, which is stay safe, and a quick mention for rule number three which is stay safe.

Our poly tunnel survived with no extra precautions the non-hurricane when we had the last Red warning. Being an arch shape we reckoned that the wind just lifted over it.

Our polytunnel survived, unmarked, when a tornado went by just 40metres away during storm Alex in October 2020.   The stone built barns with huge oak beams and corrugated iron roofs did not do so well.

Slabs of stone flown next door.  beams with roofing panels attached flown up, round and then flung 50 or more metres away.   Other beams just knocked loose and lots of twisted corrugated iron.

Before   AFter Flung far

It's a 10 wheelie binner down our road but 110mph just registered at the Needles.


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