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Messing around during "Lockdown"

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Tee Gee:
Surprising how the numbers build up isn't it Nick?

Like you I have backups on Google,Flickr etc but my filing is a bit of a mess.

I am finding that on occasions I have duplicates of duplicates which all add to the file/s size.

My plan over the next few months is look at all my photos and 'thin' them out and get rid of any I deem rubbish (I'm a hoarder) then when this task is completed I will develop a better filing system then  file them away on some online storage site. Possibly Amazon which because I am a 'Prime' subscriber I find that the other facilities that go with membership makes it a very versatile set up!

Obviously my haphazard filing system is backed up regularly,

So much for my photos! I had a look at yours and was very impressed but I must ask the question did the house come fitted out like this or is what I saw a combination of your own stuff that you have shipped out from the UK and pre-fitted stuff?

Either way it was lovely and I hope you have a long and happy stay there!

My filing or tagging is useless too!  I really should invest some time in deduping and indexing them - maybe there will be time when I get abroad.
I used to Love Picassa from google and still have it installed but it was discontinued ages ago..

As to the house - all of that is the previous owners stuff.  When we went out to get keys we found everything had gone - even light fittings!  So we have a fair bit to do when we get there but it will be winter so we will have time..
The kitchen is still fitted so we have a fridge at least!  We are paying a huge sum of money to get our stuff moved out there but in two weeks time I should be there with my stuff.
I forgot about Amazon - I think all my pics are on there as well!

Deb P:
My iPhone seems to have a very good camera these days, would it be quicker to just photograph my old photos than scan them....?

Is that a bread oven Nick? Sorry off topic!

Yes it is and I cant wait to use it!
Ill prolly start a thread once I get there..


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