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I thought having all the links in one post might be helpful, the longer original thread with all the GOS is here,62941.0.html and continues to be thread to add new sites to or if you want to comment on any already listed.

Private collections and Seed banks

Seed sites;

UK and Irish
B&T World Seeds
Beans and Herbs
Biodynamic Association
Brown Envelope Seeds
Chiltern Seeds
Garden Organic
Green Manure Seeds
Heirloom Tomatoes
Irish Seed Savers Association
Moles Seeds
More Veg Seeds
Nickys Nursery
Nuts n Cones
Original Touch
Otter Farm
Pennard Plants
Plant World Seeds
Plants of Distinction
Poyntzfield Herbs
Ready to Grow
Real Seeds
Sea Spring Seeds
Seed Parade
Seeds of Italy
Simpson Seeds
Stormy Hall seeds
Sycamore Trading
Tamar Organics
The Chilli Pepper Seed Company
The Green Chronicle Shop
Thomas Etty
Tozer Seeds
Tuckers Seeds
Vegetable Seeds Net
Wallis Seeds


Over the big pond

Adaptive Seeds
Baker Creek Seeds
Heritage Harvest  *They no longer post overseas. 
Glecklers Seed 
New World Seeds
Peace Seeds    
Sample Seed Shop
Tatiana’s Tomato Base and Seed Shop
Tom Wagner Seeds

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