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Is there much chance of having a successfulcareer in gardening/horticulture?

I'm still learning each day as I've recentlt got my first allotment, but I find the whole prospect of working in horticulture fascinating.

Anyway, I've seen a local course at King's Heath Park in Brum, and I'm seriously considering going for it. It's a two year HNC in Garden Design, for one day a week. It covers both design and general horticulture.

But is it worth it? Is there enough work out there? It would be great to be self-employed, but wouldn't work dry up in winter?

Should I just have gardening as an enjoyable hobby?

You will love Kings Heath Park school of Horticulture.

I spent two years there and finished last July.

As a jobbing gardener I have had too much work in the summer and not enough in the winter but there are so many ways to use those qualifications..

What do gardeners do during the winter to keep the money coming in?

Did you do the HNC, betula?

No,it would have cost me three thousand pounds and I can not justify it.

I have another half who keeps me in state of luxuryLOL

I have City and Guilds level two certificate.

I would say if you have not studied horticulture at a lower level you may find the course a little OTT.

Just my opinion. ;D

How times change I started as a garden-boy in 1948 on a very low wage because I was learning the trade. I am now 78 in a couple of weeks and still have to turn work down at an hourly rate that seems stupid. Apart from 2 years national service I have never been out of work. I have no "qualifications" only experience. I went self employed in 1986 but only accepted jobs that were for 12 months a year. I am still with some of those same people now but will soon pack up. It is a very satisfying job and with the very high rates of pay offered now you should be able to make a good living. My only regret is being in a "tied" house as we will in the near future find ourselves without a home.


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