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Title: onion seeds
Post by: brownthumb2 on January 20, 2019, 16:04:15
 First time growing onions from seeds ( Alisa Craig ) but they've grown to about3 inches in height but the tips are dying off  ? Other then that they look good can any one advise me please
Title: Re: onion seeds
Post by: Tee Gee on January 20, 2019, 16:40:14
I am trying to visualise your situation is it possible you could take a photo?

The symptoms you describe can be caused by various things so some more info might help!

Info such as; What condition are they growing in e.g. what of type of container are they in? are they in a heated location or frost free location? Are they in bright light or shade? do you use a paraffin heater?
Title: Re: onion seeds
Post by: brownthumb2 on January 20, 2019, 19:56:12
 sorry I don't own  a camera or mobile their in a unheated conservatory   south west facing window  they were started under heat  I've moved them away from the heated propagator thinking they were getting too hot from being be side the heat
Title: Re: onion seeds
Post by: ancellsfarmer on January 20, 2019, 21:59:45
I recently read on an American gardeners' blog that he trimmed his onion seedlings to restrict their height, as if they were leek transplants, twice, before planting out. This was to cause the seedlings to thicken and maximise root development. The article did not mention that he was potting on. Do any of you do this? How might it affect the probability to run to seed (as stress)? I wonder whether day length alone affects the bulbing/seedhead formation variation. Any thoughts.
Title: Re: onion seeds
Post by: Tee Gee on January 20, 2019, 23:06:11
You don't say if they are in the container they were sown in or have been pricked out into individual pots. What is my mind is if in the original container they might be pot bound, then again if they have been pricked out they might have been checked and this has caused the dying off at the leaf tips .

Then being in the conservatory they might believe it or not; been sun scorched which can happen through glass even in winter. Then there is the possibility of extremes of temperature I.e. Quite warm during the day particularly on sunny days and near freezing over night this could create a physiological problem.

Then you have also to take the short day length into consideration as well.

Sorry but based on the info we have this is all I can think of.

Have a look at how I grow my onions here; (

Click on the photos to enlarge.
Title: Re: onion seeds
Post by: galina on January 21, 2019, 10:21:15
Such a good resource Tee Gee.  The photo you labelled "growing on" also shows that the tip of the mono seed leaf is not lush and green either and this is perfectly normal because the seed leaf is expendable and will be feeding the next leaves, whilst the root also grows to feed the plant.   

If this is your concern Brownthumb2, then I hope you are reassured by these photos.  Best of luck  :wave:
Title: Re: onion seeds
Post by: galina on January 21, 2019, 10:26:06
Brownthumb,  if we look further down Tee Gee's photos to "planted out" we can see the wilted and dead original seedleaf as well as lush new leaves.  :wave:
Title: Re: onion seeds
Post by: brownthumb2 on January 21, 2019, 21:50:36
Ah Teegee mine look like yours so perhaps that's normal and I have no cause for concern , because other than the tip of leaf die off they look ok  so i,am thinking that's the seed leaf drying off ?
Title: Re: onion seeds
Post by: Vinlander on January 22, 2019, 12:15:50
With plants in pots at this time of year overwatering is the first danger I think of - the plants aren't big enough or vigorous enough to use up the water excess, lack of light can make them even slower, and though they are in heat that may mean they are in high humidity under a lid (which means any water they transpire will end up back in the soil).

If there is a lid then taking it off could be fatal at this stage, but putting some slightly damp capillary mat (or just a folded J cloth) underneath is the best way to extract excess water from the pots/cells. If the mat becomes soaked wring it out or put a tiny platform under it with the mat hanging down to the tray either side.

Title: Re: onion seeds
Post by: brownthumb2 on January 23, 2019, 13:57:21
As soon as more then 80%had germinated I removed the heat kept the lid on for a couple of more days then that too were removed  I never thought about the seed leaves dying off  cause that's what I think happened  so used to growing seeds with broader  leaves