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Title: Lone male blackbird
Post by: caroline7758 on June 13, 2020, 12:46:40
Hi everyone, haven't been in for a while but I know there are some bird experts among you. We have had a sad time in our garden this week. We had a blackbird nesting in our wood store, four chicks hatched but then the mother was killed (probably by a cat but we're out in the country so coukd have been a badger, stoat, etc). The father then fed them for a day but the next day the next was empty. We think it's unlikly they were big enough to have fledged so looks like they may have been killed too. The male is still flying around and I'm wondering, will he find another female this season? we had them in the same nest last year without all this trauma!
Title: Re: Lone male blackbird
Post by: Flighty on June 13, 2020, 15:59:19
What a shame.  It's possible, and if he does they may well breed as blackbirds have up to five broods in a single season.