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Title: Course work has finally arrived... GULP
Post by: springbok on April 19, 2008, 08:04:22
My first year has kicked off with a big bundle of coursework and assignments has finally arrived.  The delay with the funding is finally over :D :D

My first year I am doing Level 2 RHS Horticultural course.  A good  starting point apparently.

I have to plan a 111 hour project and submit a mini project on what my big project is going to be.  Has anyone else had to do such a large project in their first year on top of all the course work. 

Any ideas on where to start, and what topics would be appreciated :D :D

Title: Re: Course work has finally arrived... GULP
Post by: betula on April 19, 2008, 10:03:12
Has your tutor given you any idea what area your project should be in.?

Have they given you any suggestions.?

It sounds a bit vague.

T he largest project I had to do was pick a bed in the park where our college is and I identify everything that was growing in it.

We had to draw a plan of the bed noting each plant.Measure the bed.Identify the pH of the soil and then write about the care of each plant throughout the year.

You have to think about weeding,pruning,when to feed ,conditioning the soil.watering ,Is the plant shaded,that's all I can think of from the top of my head.

However this is not what you need to do at this stage  as they have not taught you anything yet.

Another longish one is keeping a diary of what is going on in the glasshouse throughout the yearAgin noting everything that needs to be done to keep plants in top condition.

Another one is finding a glasshouse and noting its position,shelter from wind,
noting techniques for observation of temp,humidity and ventilation.
Modern commercial glasshouses have weather stations and are computer controlled.

You could think of something you are growing,write about it from germination
stage.Describe the life cycle of the plant and note all attention needed,Including drying and pressing the plant at various stage in its life cycle
You need quite a few plants obviously to do this.

I think if you have a choice do your project in something that really intrests you.

I am sure you will enjoy it and you learn such a lot.

In Horticulture you never stop learning. :)
Title: Re: Course work has finally arrived... GULP
Post by: windygale on April 19, 2008, 11:31:26
hi, SBG,
for my big project, i had to redesign my back and main garden, explaining every thing ::)
pH leavels, plant position,  making an all year flower garden, adding wildlife to your areas, aspect,

how to improve the soil and drainage for the plants that i would plant, costings for all goods,:- any composts, sand, pots, fertilizers, fence posts, fence panels, nails, screws, bricks, etc, etc, etc,
how to do the hard landscaping:- clearing ground, adding fences, laying paths, hard standings,brick walls, a maintenance charts for both gardens, lawns, ponds, trees and shrubs, GH how to keep it clean, tidy, warn in winter and cool in summer,

how i would get the maximum cropping for my vegetable plots, explaning the advanages for the GH, Coldframes, polytunnels if use on my plots,  the list goes on and on ::) ;D

so thing hard, make loads of lists, and ENJOY  yourself ;D ;D ;D