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Title: Xmas Celebration
Post by: Digeroo on December 25, 2020, 15:15:32
I have sown some sweet pea seeds.  Someone I know had some really expensive seed last year which produced huge flowers, and I have saved some seeds.  So it will be pot luck what I am growing.  I am hoping most have self polinated.
Had loads of toilet roll tubes saved, but someone seems to have thrown them away!!
I normally off go on holiday in January, so I am sowing various things and covering with plastic bags, so see if I can get some seed sowings to survive several weeks without watering.
I saved some seeds from a Lobelia Cardinalis plant which I got from Aldi.  So hoping that might produce something.  The mother plant became nearly six ft tall with three glorious spikes.  I actually bought it for the coppery coloured leaves, it kind of slipped in with the groceries.  Seems they do not often set seeds in the UK, only very few flowers did set seed.  We have a shortage of hummingbirds!  But I have an idea that a hummingbird hawk moth did the trick.  It was only around for a short time, but I think it was possibly those flowers which set seeds.  The seeds are tiny.  It is quite amazing that the plant grows so big in such a short time from such a small seed.  Maybe Aldi will have them again.  I concluded from the price of the plant it was seed grown.   So now my LobCar is sown and gone into the fridge for a week.   
So my question is, how carefully do you  need to seperate out the chaff.  The seeds are reddish brown, while most of the chaff is black.   I have got rid of most of it, however, I am worried the remains will produce mould.   

Title: Re: Xmas Celebration
Post by: saddad on December 26, 2020, 17:58:04
What separates the chaff "naturally?" Surely most seeds hit the ground with some chaff?
Title: Re: Xmas Celebration
Post by: JanG on December 27, 2020, 06:27:47
I donít think you need to worry about a bit of chaff at all.
As Saddad says, in a state of nature, there will be a mix, even if a passing wind does a bit of winnowing on the way.
Title: Re: Xmas Celebration
Post by: Digeroo on December 31, 2020, 09:42:11
The sweet peas have already germinated by (Tuesday, only four days)  And some more I put to chit now have a bit of root.  Some root trainers have just been delivered, but the bag of potting compost is frozen stiff.   I should have put it inside. It may not thaw out today it is foggy here.