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Yesterday at 06:37:44 by Jayb
Views: 101 | Comments: 14

Wishing you a very special day  :icon_cheers:, lavished with treats and love  :wave:
June 27, 2017, 07:36:46 by Digeroo
Views: 114 | Comments: 3

The forecast for today was very variable

Foreca: rain starting 8 am
Met Office: dull and cloudy rain starting  4 pm
Accuweather: sunny with a storm.  No rain for at least 2 hours.

The sun has just come out.  So far Accuweather is winning.
June 26, 2017, 15:30:42 by gazza1960
Views: 225 | Comments: 10

so im sat in the garden sorting fishing tackle when from nowhere this uninvited guest flutters down from the garden fence and proceeds to scoff the bird food in the floor.

I think you have to be another Helmeted Guinea fowl to appreciate his beauty...or not.....
he seems to enjoy the bird food but has taken to sweetcorn
the mrs has told me.........get rid as what goes in one end is now littering the concrete slabs in the garden
so ive been busy with the poooo broom........I did toy with roasting him but after naming him George the Guinea Fowl im kinda fond of him as he eats pests in the garden and around my growing area although he seems to enjoy munching on my blue berry bushes.....little so and so.

anyway ive checked out locally and nobody else has these birds so under Gazzes section 33 of the im bloody well keeping it code....I want to but all I get is RSPCA being yelled at me .....

so unless you see it roasted in the recipe section I guess 48 hours was fun but ill have to phone somebody
hes tried to befriend the mrs by tapping on the French doors glass to come in but his trade mark poos aint getting him in here on the carpet.......not unless he walks into the kitchen ..............end of.

fun to enjoy for a few days though........

June 26, 2017, 14:40:24 by caroline7758
Views: 81 | Comments: 3

This may sound daft, but is there a website that tells you what the weather has been like, rather than what it's going to be like? Just back from 4 days away and wondering whether there has been any rain at home while I've been away. It doesn't look like it and I know I can check the soil, water butts etc but it got me wondering... :happy7:


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