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Today at 12:10:34 by squeezyjohn | Views: 67 | Comments: 5

I'm so furious.  Last year I had a problem with the neighbouring farmer spraying so close to the edge of the field that the sprays came over in to my allotment.  This year it's worse.  I've got summer raspberries over 6m from the border fence showing distinct glyphosate symptoms and closer to the fence I have 3 hazels, a plum and 2 expensive saskatoon berry plants trying to establish although they haven't shown symptoms yet I suspect it's just showing up in the raspberries quicker as they're growing fast at the moment.

I know he sprayed 2 days ago, I saw him doing it.  This is completely disastrous for the plants, and I know from asking last time that there's precious little I can do.   :BangHead: :BangHead: :BangHead:
Today at 09:48:48 by Paulines7
Views: 25 | Comments: 0

Our strawberry plants were not coming to anything this year and many had died.  We have them in 6 large growbags on a raised platform so we decided to replace the two worst affected growbags and pot up the strawberry plants that were in them to see if they start growing when the weather improves.  We have also planned to get some new strawberry plants. 

I intended using the old growbag soil, mixed with fertiliser, to pot up my tomatoes so I took the strawberry plants out of the bags and potted them up.  I then noticed a lot of vine weevil maggots and pupa. I put some soil in a tray and looked through it carefully.  I was happy in the thought that I had removed every one of the little critters, so used the soil for my tomato plants. 

After I had done this I realised that weevil eggs would still be in the compost!  How stupid of me.  I now have the choice of re-potting the tomatoes again using fresh compost or waiting a couple of weeks until they need potting on again. They are now in 4" pots. 

I also need to buy some Vine Weevil Killer Nematodes as the remaining four growbags are probably affected too.  Has anyone on the forum used these against vine weevil please and have they been successful?
Yesterday at 12:19:39 by aquilegia
Views: 64 | Comments: 2

I'm looking for a few plants for my garden, can anyone recommend varieties of the following and/or somewhere to research or buy them online...?

1. white, single flowered climbing/rambling rose with small flowers that are more like wild roses, pref with hips. For a north-east fence.

2. deep blue agapanthus that can survive winter in the south east.

3. somewhere to buy astrantias online (I've tried garden centres for years but never seen any!)


(sorry, long time since I've posted, been busy/ill/distracted from my garden for a few years and it's got very neglected now!)
Yesterday at 10:43:01 by Tiny Clanger | Views: 139 | Comments: 7

I put butternut squash in pots to start weeks ago - no sign of germination yet.  Should I have another go using the propagator this time.  Also courgettes have not shown yet in the greenhouse.  Still too cold?


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