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topic Reintroduction.
[Locations and Sites]
Today at 18:43:22
topic Pruning.
[The Basics]
Tiny Clanger
Today at 18:16:49
topic Frost and ice
Today at 15:32:42
topic bonfire
[The Shed]
Today at 15:02:34
topic ....and there it was gone!
[Non Edible Plants]
Today at 14:04:59
Tee Gee
Today at 13:51:55 by Tee Gee
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Earlier in the year I mentioned that something strange was going on with my Tomato plants.

As I said then I thought the lower leaves were further apart than normal meaning I thought that there would be less trusses and this turned out to be the case and the quality & quantity of the fruit left a bit to be desired.

But now another strange thing has happened the plants are now behaving like young plants but this time at a higher level.

To explain the leaves are appearing at what I would call a normal distance apart as are the trusses and the fruit is like they would be on a normal season but at the top of the plant.

In fact the trusses are so heavy (two top heavy plants collapsed yesterday) meaning I am having to apply extra support at these higher levels something I have never had to do before simply because normally  the top trusses are are usually much lighter.

I have tried to figure out what is happening and all I can think of this past month or so the weather has been a bit like "Typical British Weather of Old" with Sunshine and Showers and the Tomato plants are thinking that " all is back to normal" so they are acting accordingly!

Anyone else  being affected in this way?

Tiny Clanger
Today at 13:30:30 by Tiny Clanger
Views: 17 | Comments: 2

Do gooseberries need pruning?  I can do the blackcurrants, but not sure when or how to deal with gooseberries.  :blob7:
Today at 11:46:37 by ACE
Views: 42 | Comments: 3

With the dry weather all summer the rubbish has been mounting up and we stopped all fires on the site for the summer as it would have been reckless to have one. Having cleared two plots for reletting and my new one which had so much junk it was like Steptoe's yard. I piled it up on the furthest plot ready for a dry day and an east wind. We have a rule which is not to have a fire if the smoke goes west into the nearby houses. Everything fell into place today and 3 hours of burning has cleared all the junk. Got really hot and singed my beard but I love a good bonfire.
Today at 07:18:11 by Digeroo
Views: 59 | Comments: 4

Weather forecast got that wrong must have been -1 or -2.  Ice on surface of wate :BangHead:r on can!!  Gutted.  My dahias will not be happy!!! :BangHead:


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