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Title: sunflower thread
Post by: Hels_Bels on March 20, 2004, 21:41:43
Hi Dan

OK, I'm a newbie and this probably happens quite a lot, but I've realised there are lots of mini-sunflower threads about, especially now we're having our competition.

Is there any chance there could be a standalone sunflower main thread (don't know the proper term, sorry) that we can see as soon as we log in ???

It seems everyone's really excited about GW trials and as size is going to matter on this over the next few months (ooh er missus) this could be fun??? :D


Title: Re:sunflower thread
Post by: Doris_Pinks on March 21, 2004, 17:00:52
Hey Hels! Have asked Dan about sorting out something for our sunflower competition, he says he will try and get something together! And as I understand it, size really does matter!  ;) :-[    So hopefull we shall have our own dedicated sunflower area soon. (off to brew devious concocotions for competition!)  DP