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May 14, 2022, 20:14:30 by Gordonmull | Views: 289 | Comments: 8

I'm trying this variety for the first time this year but the last wee while I've been eyeing it suspiciously. The plants are very compact with prominent sideshoots. They kind of have a determinate look about them. Double checked and they are supposed to be vines but also noted in a few places selling the seed that mentioned its "numerous sideshoots" produced lots of fruit.

Am I approaching growing cherries the wrong way? I was heading in the direction of what I'd do for a standard vine salad tomato like Alicante, i.e. a single vine and pruning the sideshoots but am I needing to engineer some sort of cage thingy instead?
Tiny Clanger
May 14, 2022, 12:19:30 by Tiny Clanger
Views: 173 | Comments: 3

After caving inbto family and agreeing to try growing peas, I now find they are up and growing. What Can I use to support them that is cost effective? As a child I remember seeing twiggy hedge pruning used. We have nothing like that. What could I use and best way to set it up? X :wave:
May 13, 2022, 16:28:05 by davholla | Views: 213 | Comments: 3

I might have more of the following tomatoes, beans and sweetcorn than I have space for - can any of them go in pots? Thanks in advance.
May 13, 2022, 15:28:25 by Vinlander
Views: 209 | Comments: 1

I've used both Google and Bing to do a (reverse) image search on this - both came up with hundreds of hits on nothing like it.

One image bore a slight resemblance but it was circular - a spiders egg sack - the shape of mine could be due to it spanning a trough (in a cactus) but it's obviously not the same species - much thinner tethers - mine is a very impressive 101/2 point harness!

I love spiders in my garden spaces - but I'd still like a closer match. Any Ideas?



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