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Yesterday at 12:09:07 by Borlotti
Views: 157 | Comments: 7

Had the results of my scan on my shoulder, which is still very painful but my legs have given up now.  Don't know why.  Anyway the good news is that my fasting blood test was OK, but I have damaged my shoulder probably throwing heavy bags into the Council bins, that people leave on the pavement to the right of my house, won't be doing that again.  Very nice doctor, am waiting for physiotherapy appointment and can have a steroid injection.  Think I should have gone for that, but dc said it doesn't always work but they can scan the exact point on the shoulder so that is an option.  Will have to go up to the allotment to collect my tools, but no way can I bend down or do much at the present, so goodbye lovely allotment.  The sun is shining so will go for a slow walk to get my legs working.  Not a very happy bunny at present.  Another blood test next week and blood pressure test.  Finding the stairs difficult so moving to a bungalow will be a good option.  The plastering is finished and the dogs have gone home, so Dulcie and me are OK staying in bed and doing crosswords.
February 16, 2018, 13:20:11 by davholla | Views: 93 | Comments: 1

Does anyone know what this contains?  I have it but the information has got rubbed off.  When I looked online I could only find this
Which is not that clear.  Would it be good for gooseberries and mulberries?
February 16, 2018, 12:27:45 by elhuerto
Views: 118 | Comments: 4

My wife has just bought me two pistachio trees (male and female, about 5 years old). It's something I've wanted for a while but they're not particularly cheap so never took the plunge. Growing conditions here (northern Spain) are ideal and I've seen plenty of orchards just south of here.

I'm a tad worried though and want to get things right. I've done a lot of reading and everything seems pretty straightforward, nothing special required, regular pruning etc but can't find too much about watering. I understand it's not a tree grown in the UK but I know there are members from all over and was just wondering on the off chance if anyone had any experience - my plan was to use the drip irrigation I have for other trees but I've read that it's better to provide a weekly good soak. Hoping that's not essential. I'd welcome any tips really - just wanting to keep my trees and wife happy really :-)

February 14, 2018, 12:18:26 by valentinelow
Views: 90 | Comments: 0

Is anyone out there into indoor gardening? Do you grow vegetables / salad etc indoors, under lights?

I am a journalist on The Times, and would love to talk to you about it.

My email is



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