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Bunnycat - was travelling through Leeds yesterday on the way to pick someone up with a friend (don't ask me where, not far from the LCH hospital?)

I'm growing stuff on my patio too as only got lottie this week.  Have just put tomatoes out in grow bags on patio and am going away this weekend so trying not to worry that when I get back toms will be no more!  Also have strawberrys, one pepper plant (not too optimistic about it fruiting) and loads of herbs - am growing basil and coriander for the first time this year and seeds are up already (planted 6 days ago).

My basil has also come up very quickly. About a week for mine, too ;D

I'm trying to work round a lot of upheaval at the moment, which isn't easy :-\
First our fence blew down in those gales early this year, and we had a building site for weeks while hubby and FIL erected a new one, then the guy on the other side of us decided he was going to pull down his wall and put up a fence like our new one, so the other side of the garden is now a building site just as things are returning to normal where we had to do our fence >:(

All my veggies were already ordered, so I've no option but to make the best of it and try to grow things in mild to moderate chaos :'(
It'll be a miracle if I manage to grow ANYTHING!!! LOL!!

hi Piglottie - we're not too far from you - just over the river in Scun*horpe  ;D  ;D

enjoy your weekend away and good luck with your lottie  :)

I'm in Halifax, "From Hell Hull and Halifax May't Good Lord Deliveruz" My daughter and partner live in Hull working for ADM cocoa, so visit often, get free cocoa shell too! but don't tell anyone.

I used to work in ALWOODLY in Leeds did my nanny training and job there for 3yrs, i was born in a village called SOUTH KIRKBY West Yorkshire.
Now a fully fledged Londoner, lived in London till i was 15 then went back to good old Yorkshire till i got married at 20, still waiting to go back Home ;D.


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