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Just got my lottie  ;D and was wondering if there was anyone on here from the Yorkshire area.  I'm based in Hull, East Yorkshire on the Newland Avenue site.  Wondered if anyone had the joys of sharing the colder northern temps?

there's quite a few on here from oop t'north - I know that cos they talk funny  ;D    There's Northerner and John Charlie for starters  :)

I'm in North Derbyshire and there's Scots who are even colder than us  :)

theres me!
*kitty jumps up and down*
theres me!!
*decides she must maintain dignity and stops jumping but waves gracefully instead!*
lincolnshire-not too far from 'ull..cold here too!

Kitty!   :)  Am so pleased your up north too - have loved reading your posts, esp ones about (dare I mention it?) Monty Don! 

I'm in Leeds, about 6 miles outside the City itself :)
No lottie and a tiny garden, but I'm doing my best. This is the first year that I've made a serious effort to 'grow my own', although I can only do a few things at a time due to the lack of space and everything is in tubs and compost sacks :(

I've been successful with toms and strawberries in the past, but I'm trying potatoes, onions, garlic and runner beans this year.
I started doing some proper herb growing last year, as well ;D


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