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As a newbie I was just wondering about growing shallots.  Have put in onion sets and but someone said seeds were better... can only see shallot sets in my garden centre, does anyone know if you can also grow them from seed  ???. and if so any advice on which works better ::)

Mrs Ava:
hmmm....I think I have only ever seen shallots as sets.  Curious.  Someone will know for sure.  ;D

There are a few suppliers of shallot seed but I haven't seen anyone claim they are better than the sets, which do give "guaranteed" results - it's now time to plant them - in pots if the weathers too inclement

Mr Fothergill and Tuckers have them (possibly others but not T&M or Kings)


Got some sets today!!  Why do you recommend pots?  Never grown them (or much else!!) before but had read that you can plant them straight in the ground.  I am new allotmentier so any advice is always welcome


Mrs Ava:
This time of year the ground can be very cold and wet and the bulbs will just sit there with cold bums and may just rot away. This started happening to me last year so I oiked them out and put the remainder in pots.  By growing them in pots, you can control the wetness of the compost and keep them sheltered so they have a little bit of a head start before putting the in their final position in a few weeks time, already rooted and in the mood to grow.  ;D


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