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Minus 8 - and you say Spring is here??

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My back garden is confusing me with all this cold - water that's collected on the play-frame canopy is frozen solid, it is so cold it hurts my ears, but last year's little gem lettuces that I'd forgotten to harvest are completely untouched by frost (as is the washing on the line - which should be like cardboard)  what's that all about then?

Hugh - '47/48 I was commanding a base in Scotland and we were supply-dropping to the SHEEP!. Do I remember it??
And I was also wooing my wife, at the time - who was staying in her Aunt's 'castle' on the airfield boundary!!
And, after our marriage, we moved into a converted wooden lecture hut. Luxury!

And, for good measure, I converted the few spare acres of land into producing veg for the 'chaps'. And. as I've said before. used the fire tender to do the watering.

And (was it) '61/'62, down here? We couldn't open our front door. Yes - we've 'done it' - but northern Russia in '41 was a damned sight colder!! = Tim

Oh, and John? Who decided to live there??

Garden Manager:
Been cold here too. Not as low as - 8 but several nights of -3 and cold by day is bad enough.  

Slightly warmer today but it Has been snowing on and off all afternoon.  A case of 'dodge the showers'. Snow ones rather than rain ones  ;D

Just looked out and it is doing it again.  :o

just looked out the window - we'll be sledging to school again tomorrow

Yes Tim, I remember `61/62 as well (although I`ll swear Feb `54 was colder) - the next door farm lost it`s water supply to the milking sheds because the water pipes froze solid at a depth of 12inches below ground surface, and milk from the evening milking and put out for early morning collection had frozen in the churns by morning.


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