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Minus 8 - and you say Spring is here??

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Don't forget that the Sauce is not vegetarian?? = Tim

At the risk of offending peeps, Tim, I iz true carnivore.  With farming family for background, bit difficult not to be! ;D

I am thinking of more recent times and it is this date 27 February 2001.  We woke up to find our house completely enclosed in snow and ice, we could not see out our windows and the snow was  right up our front door.  A blizzard was still blowing outside and as it turns out my village was one of many in this district completely cut off from the outside world.  Thousands of folk in the area were without electricity including us but we were reconnected 3 hrs later.  I walked to the village shops in the blizzard and made sure Mother was OK, she was OK and had electricity, but no phone line.  The snow continued all day and the only news as to what was happening was the local radio station who kept everyone up to date.  Although my village is on a main road from Edinburgh to Newcastle there was no movement and quite eerie.  We walked out of the village in the afternoon,down the main A. road and saw the fantastic snow drifts.  15ft high at least.  We had relatives at our house for food as they had no electricity and generally everyone mucked in.  It was great the community spirit and neighbours helped each other out.  My brother in law has a desert landrover and he was used by our Dr. to attend a patient out at a farm.  Brother in law also delivered food to a Nursing Home using his land rover.  This went on for 3 days at least and gradually the council managed to re open the main route and other roads,  although the local farmers had already cleared the snow in the middle of the village.  I will never forget 3 yrs ago, it was such an adventure and we were lucky having the electricity.  What I enjoyed was the friendliness of everyone, we were one big happy family in our village.  

I also remember the Winter of 1962/63.  The snow started Christmas Eve '62 and went on well into March.  I was young then but I do remember it well.


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