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Minus 8 - and you say Spring is here??

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I lived in Hartlepool then, we were walking on several inches of ice for was soooooooooo cold! :(

But Tim, I only signed up for the summers- honest!

What I meant was that with our low temperatures presently you may get more yet. No complaints- at least here we can count on summer being summer, not the lottery of the British climate.

Cheer up, John.  I`ve just had an email from my cousin living near Halifax (Nova Scotia), who says they have just had 36 inches of snow in 48 hours and have been marooned for 2 days.

How can anyone reasonably complain about a mild english winter after that?

 When I found out Syracuse, N.Y. (less than 200 miles away) beat it's own snowfall record in January, they got 200 cm, I have been very happy, Hugh. We got about 100cm in December and nothing since, my sort of winter. Best of all, no substantial ice storms either (touches wood).
 The nearest I have been to Halifax is Augusta, Maine. This is a serious question, Hugh, but how do people live up there? I get the impression summers there are reliably cool and wet, am I wrong?

Hugh - strange - can't recall it. Was commuting between Rickmansworth & the MoD - and seemed to get there?

John - yes, I always quote you on the 10 day shift.

A little anecdote - may I? = "Height of Hospitality".

When on the N. Atlantic CAM Ship run in '42, we docked in Halifax. Several days to unload china clay and reload with grain. Kept ones hand in flying from Dartmouth, but needed home comforts. Was befriended by a delightful girl in Eaton's store. Balmy June nights on the beach - BBQs - massive automobile.

On our last night, invited to supper with her family. There met her boy-friend who had lent us his car for the period. If that's not hospitality, what is!! Maybe it's their warm hearts that keep the chill out?

Oh, and all drinks at the Club were subsidised by the locals! = Tim


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