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Shrove Tuesday

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Mine turned out the best we have ever had last night. I did not bother to measure anything out, just put some milk and egg in a bowl, whisked up and then added flour gradually until I thought it was right - no measuring.  We have ours with sugar and lemon juice - delish ;D ;D   Does anyone else use this haphazard method ???

We had pancakes flying! hubby doesn't eat em, but is a how do I say it politely....flinger up in the air! So he made a few.Kids had a go, they did very well, and we have none stuck to the ceiling! (my Dad did that once :o) We have ours with lemon juice and sugar, then I sat and wished I hadn't!
Kids are demanding more tonight.well, gotta use up the batter! ;)

You guys have a national pancake eating day or something?

I just checked the dictionary, shrove, from the word shrive means either to make confession or to hear confession.

So with my Dutch logic I tried to figure it out. Confession and pancakes. Pancakes and confession. No, it makes no sense to me. Anything to do with religion? Carnaval, fast, easter? Not too familiar with that stuff.

Anybody care to enlighten this furnur?

- no melted butter in your batter, Pat?? Shame on you! = Tim

every year without fail, we have to have a 'pancake wednesday' - tsk, too forgetful!!


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