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Mrs Ava:
Okay, who is sitting in front of their computer, or spent last nite sat lounging infront of the telly, stuffed full of pancakes?  We certainly are/did!  :o  Sprogs up to bed, after making them egg free pancakes, then Ava and I set about filling the kitchen with smoke, flying batter, sugar and anything else we could find in the cupboards.  I am a traditionalist - butter, sugar, lemon but Ava has golden syrup or chocolate spread or peanut butter!  Now I love peanut butter, but it just didn't work on pancakes for me.  Oh well, next big blow out - Easter! :P

Oh yuk..............peanut butter on pancakes  :-X :-X

Bother! We forgot all about it!

This house did, at least hubby ate all 8 pancakes which he made.  I cant digest them easily so avoid.  Wht a pain in the neck eh?  Hubby on a adiet but has been looking forward to this day for weeks for a blow out.  His are with sugar and lemon.

My hubby bravely volunteered to make the pancakes last night.  After the fire alarm going off twice  ::) and at least three pancakes landing on the kitchen floor in a half cooked mess after some premature flinging  :o we managed to get two pancakes each.  Brown Sugar and Lemon Juice is the way we eat them.

Oh, the clear up afterwards  :o!!!

The kitchen was a real state... which hubby informed me was the whole idea so I would not ask him to do any cooking again.  The fact that he volunteered in the first place seemed to escape him!  :D


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