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My Internet Explorer home page has been taken over by CWS Hijacker - variant 'Slotch'. This allows direct access to porn of the worst type (to me, that is!) at the touch of an 'adult view' button. OK - don't touch it - but with all the kids around? They try every button!

I've tried downloading a 'CWShredder', but no joy yet. If anyone is interested, the Shredder & history address is -  = Tim

Yuk - sounds pretty grubby, Tim :(

I'm no expert, but a friend tells me that these things can be stopped (to a point) if you install a decent firewall.

Hope you get it sorted soon!

jams  8)

Nice thought jammyd, but I've got Zone Alarm. Panda & Stopzilla. Where does on stop. I no longer get pop-ups, but this thing is a b......= Tim

I'm getting hammered lately with infected e-mails - have all the gizmos that catch them, but still frustrating - I'm now getting ones that have either have words in the title relating to customers/suppliers websites I've been to, and worse, with e-mail addresses with 'proper' names ending with website addresses of customers.  If I didn't have the 'catch and destroy' gizmos, I would have happily opened them.  Over the last 3 months there has been a definite surge in viagra etc spam and infections flying around.

Hi Tim - have you tried Spybot?  It's knocked out all the attempts to take over I've had so far.  (And with 4 kids, there have been "several").

Free download from

And it knocks out all the spy- and mal-ware that websites dump on us.  I run the programme about once a week, and update more or less once a month.

Have a go - hope it works for you!



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