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Admin aka Dan:
Hi all,

Some people are still having problems accessing the site - some have not been able to return at all, and others are having intermittent problems.

So what I'm thinking of doing is,

Moving the site to a completely new host.  

I have not been very impressed with the ones I use at the moment over the past week, although up until then they had been fine.

This will mean a transitional period - hopefully planed and calm and lovely, but it may also mean a bit more pain before all is lovely again.

Love to hear your thoughts.


Ragged Robin:
We'll follow you where-ever. Thanks once again for keeping us so well informed, it makes all the difference.

Dan, you must do whatever is best.  You are kind enough to email us with progress, so go for it.  We all enjoy a great deal from this site and would miss it if access were denied through a technicality.

Just let us know when you are starting the change and we will be patient!

Best of luck and thanks :)

Hello Dan,
Well, I am here tonight, though how and why tonight and not the others, I know not!!!!! Thank you soooooo much for helping (or at least trying to!!!) - my husband, as you might have been able to tell was running out of ideas and he does this for a living!!!
I will follow you(!) wherever you go and I for one, think it is probably a good idea to move lock, stock and barrel judging on the problems that I have had!
Many thanks again, espec. for keeping us in the know.

Hi Dan,

I'll follow wherever you go.  Everything was fine this evening when I followed your link in the email.

Haven't been around for a while as I am a sunshine plot holder ::)



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