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What a lovely day


Down the allotment by 9am this morning - very overcast and murky. Decided against digging as there had been rain through the night and it looked sticky, so spent my time in the greenhouse.
Felt quite pleased after I had put 150 broad beans into pots - otherwise the mice and squirrels eat the seed, and set 24 sunflower seeds as well, plus some general pottering about.
Then my morning was made complete by the sight of a local grey heron passing over, being attacked by a crow. Then a couple of minutes later, three swans flew by. All this, within one mile of the centre of Coventry. I love my allotment!

Pleased for you Derek. It has been one of those murky drizzly days here, just a few miles to the west of you. All I have managed is to get daughter to start making up some big pots of Sempervivums.  Well there is always tomorrow.

What uplifting sights for a gloomy day.  So pleased for you Derek  :)

 After one of the coldest January's on record I was actually pleased to see a skunk wandering about two days ago! An animal you learn very quickly to stay away. Dogs don't ever seem to learn that unfortunately- perhaps they think they are a species of cat.
 Winter returns tonight, briefly thankfully, with lows by the morning predicted to be around -25C. This may reach the UK shortly, so expect a cold spell too?


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