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Just wondering what people use for seed sowing. I re use trays from shop bought plants but they are usually very flimsy and don't last long. Heavy duty trays seem very expensive although last longer. I've just discovered rubber seed trays, around 16 for a 30 cell tray, does anyone use these? Generally, the hole in the base of each cell is so small it is difficult to get the plant out. There are heavy duty Charles Dowding trays that have large holes in the bases of the cells, but they are even more expensive! This GYO can get very expensive.

I use a mix of open seed trays, cell trays and coir pots depending on the size of seed being sown and whether the plants resent root disturbance when being potted on.   I try and buy sets of the sturdier cell trays that come with base trays and clear lids but the last lot didn't even have drainage holes so I need to attack those with a hot skewer.

If you're careful the cell trays can last a few years but I find the drip trays crack easily so I save larger plastic trays form buying chicken legs or breasts in packs of 12 and the long trays from whole salmon fillets (LIDL) for holding the coir pots.

Ive also bought some IKEA metal shelving units which come with optional plastic covers and use these as mini greenhouses within the polytunnel to keep early seed sowings warmer and also keep off the chooks who spend winter and early spring in the polytunnel when it's cold or raining.

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Over the years I have collected a multitude of propagation and pricking out containers, as can be seen here;

I too harvest supermarket packaging for garden use but when I make drainage holes, I make sure that they are big enough to easily poke a finger through. My problem with proprietary cell trays is that I can't get the seedlings out without disturbing the roots. Sorry, I don't know how to post a pic of what I mean.

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--- Quote ---My problem with proprietary cell trays is that I can't get the seedlings out without disturbing the roots.
--- End quote ---

I use an old dinner fork, e.g. I find a child's fork or a dessert fork better than say a large dinner fork!

Raid the cutlery drawer and see what you can find that suits your needs! :glasses9:


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