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Pea Supports


Tiny Clanger:
After caving inbto family and agreeing to try growing peas, I now find they are up and growing. What Can I use to support them that is cost effective? As a child I remember seeing twiggy hedge pruning used. We have nothing like that. What could I use and best way to set it up? X :wave:

Tee Gee:
My Way

Tiny Clanger:
Thanks Teep Gee, you are always a star x

I grow heritage peas on a large scale, and having had years of bamboo cane rows blown over by strong winds  have gone for 2" square timbers in small metaposts and wire fencing strung between held on with cable ties... Deb P may post a picture... my tech skills aren't up to it.

Tiny Clanger:
Thanks Dad dad. Looked like mesh supports were the way forward. It arrived from eBay yesterday. Will be installing later. Also getting the sewing machine out to construct better fitting overnets.  Just might get enough peas to make a meal :sunny:


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