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Sunflower seedlings-how deep to plant them ?

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Sunflower seedling growing away well and now need to be planted out . One or two of them are a little bit leggy , can they be planted deep , like up to the first true leaves like Tomato plants can to encourage roots to grow out from the stem ?  Or maybe better not ?    🤔  I need to do this today !  By the way thankyou for my Allotments4All birthday email yesterday made my day !  🥳

Tiny Clanger:
Just planted some out here. They were leggy too.  Never grown them before but planted at around a quarter of growth depth. I have no idea if this was right. Good luck with them.  :wave:

I always plant to above the seed leaves.

Deb P:
Iíve never tried planting them that deepÖ..Iíll have to give that a try!

It's first year I have bought some seeds and they have got rather leggy so good to know that they can be planted deep.


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