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I realise I'm probably going to get as many answers as there are gardeners that reply, but I'm thinking about using the compost from my heap to make potting media for my tomatoes this year, because shop-bought stuff is getting pretty unreliable. I can't grow them in the ground as my GH is totally paved.

I've a big bag of peat lying around but any further water holding component would be coir. I believe sharp sand is a cheap and reliable way to add grit for structure but should I add soil as well? I'll likely use a John Innes nutrient mix to fertilise it - but I'm still caught in a whirlwind of confusion as to what to do for the best. 

So I guess my question is what do I mix with my compost and in what ratios to get a good potting mix for tomatoes?

Tee Gee:
I am making my own this year and this is the method I posted in March;,83251.msg837368.html#msg837368

You'll be lucky if you get only as many answers as replies! Here are two for a start:

I used to grow tomatoes in large pots on the patio. I used a random mix of homemade compost, bought compost and soil, with added chicken manure fertiliser. I put a top layer of bought compost on to keep the weeds from the homemade compost down. It didn't seem to matter much exactly what I used.

Having redesigned the garden, the patio is no longer available. Instead I have an area by the fence. For three years I've used growbags here (three large ones for nine plants, costing 4 each). They have produced better plants, perhaps by having a better mix of nutrients but certainly because they do not dry out as readily as the pots. The next season the growbag contents go on my allotment beds and are definitely improving the soil and contributing some fertiliser still. It's a lot less hassle than mixing the compost, too!

I've always been a bit wary of growbags because there doesn't seem to be much compost in them but 12 total for the nine plants I'm also coincidentally growing this year does seem a bargain. What brand are you using?

The only problem with using ones own compost as a growing medium is that most home heaps do not get hot enough to kill all seed weeds and pathogens. For small quantities it is worth putting it in a microwave at full strength for 5 minutes.
We have grown our toms in big plant pots with home compost for many years though without too much trouble and just weed out the  things that grow.


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