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Had it yesterday, Moderna this time, weird night, it brought on a touch of the Bells palsey, tired, ached and light headed. Then an hour ago it all lifted, now right as rain. Safeish for the summer now.

I'm booked for mine on Wednesday at a local pharmacy. After 3 doses of Pfizer this one will probably be Moderna too  -  unless they are equipped to handle the necessary freezing conditions for Pfizer!

I had absolutely no adverse effects after the Pfizer so I'm hoping for the best. All my immediate neighbours have or have had Covid (one quite seriously) but I've managed to stay free by isolating myself for the most part. I'm clinically vulnerable so I'm super careful!

Tricia  :wave:

We are eligible for ours form next month but the vaccination centre we used has closed so we need to find out who's doing them.  It seems my GP has retired but been replaced so I'll ask him or her when I go to see about blood tests ahead of an operation.  All being well, I'm getting a new knee on July 4th so have to go and see about blood and heart and lung functions first.

I am not sure if my Doctor is doing them or if I need to go to a Pharmacy I will need to check this week my first 2 were Astra Zenica and 3rd one was Pfizer so dont know what I will get this time 

Got mine yesterday.  This one was Pfizer.  I've had two AZ, one Moderna and now this.  Quite a cocktail overall. Each time I've had a mild soreness in my arm, but no other symptoms except the Moderna which made me feel rather unwell.  Only lasted one day though.

Purely anecdotal but chatting to other plot holders Moderna seems the one that has this effect more than the others.


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