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My plot had got very untidy around the paths over the winter. I got my line out and re cut the edges to the original lines. Enough room gained for at least a couple of long rows of beans. A fivers worth of ground I am paying for, might as well use it.

Tiny Clanger:
Absolutely Ace. We took on an extra half plot last year and did the same. A good extra strip to the side and enough at the rear for a new herb patch for me and a new 4 compartment compost/muck pit that His Lordship needed.  :toothy10:

Well good for you both cultivating what is rightfully yours

But this really made me smile.  One of the great mysteries of any allotment field is how paths take on a life of their own. Some get narrower and narrower, some get wider and wider, some disappear altogether, some seem to get an urge to travel and move east or west, some end their days under a shed or polytunnel or even a compost bin, or overwhelmed by a huge bramble bush.

It sometimes moves our long suffering field manager to despair.  All new plot holders get told the same. The paths are there for everyone. Don't remove them, don't move them, don't block them and don't let them get overgrown and impassable. Do they listen?

It's my plot, can't I do what I want?  Not if stops Mrs Scroggins getting to her five pole because you've put a fence in the way!!  Reinstate the path as it was or you will be evicted! It sounds harsh but some tenants really do push the boundaries.

Then there's the people who dig out into the main track and nibble away at it keeping that part of the plot tidy, whilst letting the back third of the plot get totally overgrown!

Yes - I have one half-plot a yard narrower than the other because someone, somewhere expanded across the old path line to the far edge of that. TBH, I'm not too worried - I have more than enough space, but after years of falling numbers and paths getting very, very wonky (there's one that's a good two yards from where it should be) I can see a different someone, somewhere starting trouble!


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