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What makes a good allotment?

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Is there anything you would like to see added to your allotment, or taken away?

I read so many posts on this amazing forum about rogue committees and unfair evictions at one end of the spectrum to spectacular fruit and vegetable production and brilliantly managed gardening communities at the other end.

What is it about your allotment that floats your boat?

What sinks it?

What floats mine (sometimes all too literally) is its site, on a water meadow within sight of the Thames - lush floodplain loam, rarely short of water, and a gorgeous place to be when the sun is shining.

What sinks my boat is that it can be far too wet, and it's horribly open and exposed in winter.

Not so much a plot as a paddy field then?

It can genuinely be underwater, so yes!

Tee Gee:
I spent over 30 years on my plots and generally speaking I liked the camaraderie and being able to 'switch off' after work!

However, over the said period,  I didn't get on with 2 of the 5 Secretaries.

In fact, it was the last one that finally made me quit!

The two in question became 'Little Hitlers' once they were installed as Secretary. That is, they went 'power mad' and often strutted about the site to see if they could catch out plot holders in some way!

I wouldn't have minded if they had been top-notch gardeners, but they were anything but!

I saw their antics as overstepping their position as they had no authoritative powers, in their remit.

Their duties were primarily to liaise between the plot holders and the council by taking suggestions/grievances to and from the head of the Leisure &  Allotments at the council.

Like me, most of the other plot holders pretty much ignored them and got on with their hobby by ensuring they complied with the rules of the tenancy!

So looking back I can honestly say my 30+ years on the allotments was a great experience!


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