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Looked up from the plot to spy two huge birds sailing about above the plots. Sea eagles, as much as I liked seeing them I hope they move on and leave the area to the resident buzzards who do a great job of keeping the rabbits at bay. I don't think sea eagles are rabbit feeders.

We  don't have sea eagles here, being well inland... but we do have buzzards and peregrine falcons... but the foxes keep the rabbits down for us!

White tailed eagles have been reintroduced to I 0f W haven't they? Do you see them? Or are we talking about the same thing?

We call the white tailed eagles sea eagles, they have let 26 free down here and they have been tracked all over Britain. Two of them have just returned and they think they will breed here. They have been in the news lately because there is a suspected poisoning of a couple of them. The two I spotted were engaging together, but the local buzzards were getting quite agitated.


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