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Planting out Onion sets


Please can someone remind me which is the best fertiliser to throw down on the earth before planting my onion sets ?I,m growing Stuttgarter . Last year was a disaster for my onions  :BangHead:   I want to get it right this year !   :sunny:

They need something nitrogen rich.  I try and mulch beds with well-rotted compost then scatter pelleted chicken manure before planting.  After that keeping them weed free helps cut competition for nutrients, water and light.

Have to say tho that the last 2 attempts at onions were not great as we had drought but I tried shallots last year and they did really well.

Obelixx - thankyou  . Yes I did give it a good mulch of fallen leaves back in the Autumn ...I just thought it might need something else . Thankyou - Looks like I,ll be off to the garden centre this afternoon  :blob7:

You can get special onion fertilizer which is high in all nutrients but seems to be especially high in potassium.  NPK analysis usually around 12 12 18.  Sulphur is important too. 

 I've switched to heat treated sets.  Had a good crop last year. We are still eating them from stores although they are growing out now.  My other thought is not to set them too early. Last season I worried about being a bit behind but in the event they seemed to miss some of the early season pests. 

The thing is, despite all our best efforts, a big element is down to chance. The weather, rainfall, sunshine and pests can all combine to give a brilliant crop or a disaster. Fingers crossed.

Beersmith - Thankyou for that - really useful info . . . I will go see what I can find !   :coffee2: :wave: Debbie


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