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I was thinking of joining the trend for influencing with some gardening stuff, but there are already loads of dippy hippy types doing that. Instead I have become a Binfluencer, the first person that puts the right coloured bin out for the week so everybody else in the street can check they are putting the right  colour out. Sometimes for a bit of fun I put the wrong one out and change it when nobody is looking. :tongue3:

Rather naughty... but amusing. I put about five bins out, for my elderly neighbours. Presumably I'm a binfluencer too!

Naughty Ace!   Only two bins here and they go out on alternate weeks except July and August when both are emptied weekly.

OH and I used to work with a chap who loathed everything USA so, when asked for help on the Underground would always send Americans the wrong way round the Circle Line.

Our local authority did a crafty council tax increase by stealth. 

Used to be food caddy every week, then non recyclable one week, and recycling and garden waste the next. Then they simply cut the garden waste unless you coughed up a fee of 50 each year. Rather sneaky!

But I am willing to admit I look at other people's bins rather than struggling to find that printed little bit of plastic that lives at the bottom of a kitchen drawer.

There was a bar long ago in the 90's in Nottinghill called the Pharmacy. Myself and a group of friends sat drinking the night away. The toilet doors marked with the male and female symbols were confusing people. even if they choose the right door we would all shout" wrong door," oh what larks, most people saw the funny side. my next naughty and evil thought is ....( having always been told to unplug appliances at night) to walk about my suburb unplugging electric cars...............
Please do become an inflencer Ace i would follow you.


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