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After years of hoping a sweet potato would sprout I have a whole veg rack all sprouting away. Trouble is it is the middle of december. I have never grown them. So what do you reckon about potting them on the window sill and see if they survive through to planting time. I have a heat mat but I do not want to encourage too much growth. Or should I just throw the shoots in a wok and eat them.

Whoops, should have gone to spec savers, they are red tubular shaped baking potatoes. Can somebody move this down to the cracker jokes.


Lol ! Lol ! Lol !    :wave:

I am sure that your potatoes will do well. 

I managed to get some sweet potatoes to sprout about three years ago by giving them a good scrub and suspending them in some water.  I think they spray them with something to prevent them sprouting.
I kept them under plastic all summer, they had every possible TLC.  There were huge amounts of lovely leaves, I regretted in the end not eating those. And a lot of very beautiful flowers   So I had high hopes of a good harvest but ended up with a few very meagre roots the size of my thumb which had very little flesh inside.  I have gone back to buying them.


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