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Rotovated the whole plot apart from the brassica tunnel and row of leeks. Was then ready for a two and a half ton load of well rotted (free) which was then spread all over the plot. The previous plot holders had planted fruit bushes all over the place so I moved them all to a corner which will have a fruit cage over. Not really hard work as they seemed to just scrape a hole to plant them. They lifted complete with a good rootball and whacked straight into nice deep manured hole. Then deeply mulched with chippings  (free again). Filled the surrounding paths with more chippings which were mostly eucalyptus so a nice healthy smell when walking on them. Planted onions, garlic and broad beans. Just the poly and the floral corner to tidy up and the weather can do what it likes without me fretting that something needs to be done until the spring :sunny: which is february for us who don't live in the frozen wastelands of the north. On top of that I have decorated 3 rooms and refitted the craft room for the Yeti in pink knickers. Brownie points earned just in time for xmas and hopefully the 12 string guitar I have my eye on will appear in my stocking.  :icon_cheers:

Well done.
Big stockings?

Not quite a Nora Batty moment!

You seem to have an uncanny ability to get your hands on free stuff.

In this kneck neck of the woods good manure and chippings go for eye watering prices.

I'm green.  Green with envy.

When I say free, really it is favours returned.


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