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My first meeting as chairman of our allotments association went well, cancelled the xmas party, asked why they have to meet every month, next year the meetings will be on  a sunday morning at the allotments instead of an evening in a pub, they can then waffle on all they like and I can carry on working the plot.

Cant be any worse that our Allotment commitee who all resigned in a fit of pique when the upstanding fellow who objected to an eviction, with notices not served properly and not even following their own processes (20 years experaince as as Enforcement officer) planned to join thier numberon the commiitee as a representative of the Residents Association and also got a threat of eviction himself from The Charitable Trust , i'm guessing for being right and forcing them to row back. he apparently is nor suitable.
Strange times will live in it's like Belarus here, if the committee actually could I feel they would line us all up and fire.  Just for laughing at the bunch of silly old fools who in this day and age think it's perfectly fine to tell lies and bully people. Snobbery and discrimination is alive and kicking here.
Nora  - University educated woman child of the late 1980's - Fight the Power, Free Nelon Mandela........ Always look on the bright side of life......

apart from me the rest of the commitee are ladies, am I allowed to say that, or should I say people who pee in a shed opposed to me who pees in the hedge. So once they have stopped swapping knitting patterns an grandchildren bragging the meeting is mostly over anything important gets carried over to the next meeting. Plot inspections are really a coffee morning. Evictions are non existent, they have huffing and puffing off to a fine art. People usually leave of their own accord.


--- Quote from: Nora42 on October 29, 2021, 11:02:12 ---who . . . .  think it's perfectly fine to tell lies and bully people.

--- End quote ---

It sometimes seems like we are not only down the rabbit hole but through the looking glass too. Time was when such behaviour was seen as contemptible.  These days it's the new normal.  All you can do is retain your integrity and try not to let the ****** grind you down.

At a tangent, I haven't listened to white rabbit for ages.

To complete the tangent I only recently came to realise what an amazing song that is..

I used to quite like being on our committee who were a good bunch but we were a completely private site so we did need to do some management.
Pub meetings were great because as soon as the chair called the meeting to order someone would go and get a round in.  It meant that the chair rattled through the agenda before we all got too many beers down... If we met on site it tended to go on for ages!


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