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Are Volunteers or Working Parties Allowed

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This is one of those that is not straight forward.  Some of it will depend on what you want them to do and some will depend on what is covered by any current insurance.  Some public liability insurance policies may cover what you are looking to do.  This is something that I have come across in my day job working with charities and the voluntary sector.

An answer from an insurance company -

Answer from Vol Sector advice organisation -

Answer from an organisation that provides legal advice to voluntary organisations -

In the end there will be a duty of care if you are considered to be volunteering for an organsiation.  Whether there will be insurance to cover this will depend on your specific policy - in all likelihood it could be extended to cover at marginal cost.

Tiny Clanger:
When we first took on our plot, there was a "working party" on the first Saturday morning of every month 09:30 hours to 12:30 hours - or  more if anyone wanted to stay. The object was to help keep vacant plots tide and grass areas/paths mowed and strimmed.  I turned up for one but the committee were so disorganised that the next few times I turned up - no-one else did! so I gave up. 


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