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Optimum size for raised beds.

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George the Pigman:
Next year I am switching to raised beds on my plot (apart from the potatoes).
What are peoples opinions of the best size for raised beds?

As long as you can reach the middle, which depends on your arm length, but 5' is usually OK, the length fits the space available. Try not to go beyond bout 24'.

I'd agree with that - you want to be able to reach the middle from both sides without stretching too much. Height probably depends on how much soil you have to put in - any lift will make them easier to work, but obviously the taller they are the more soil you need.

We went for 4' wide when we went to raised beds some time ago over heavy clay.  My back can play up and not having to stretch too far helps a lot. 

Have also gone to no-dig in the raised beds over the last 2 years as there is no need to walk on them.  Has worked well.  Good crops and fewer weeds.

We also net using a fine net to reduce/remove impact from root fly / flea beetle.  Again has proved successful.  If you look to go down this route might want to look at length as a multiple of netting.  An added benefit is that putting the netting on after sowing appears to have improved germination.

Tee Gee:
This is my view on the subject

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