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I am still harvesting tomatoes in the polytunnel - all sizes and some for cooking so we've eaten them fresh and cooked and I've made loads of passata with them and semi-dried lots of the cheery and pear tomatoes to keep in olive oil with garlic and herbs.  Great for winter treats on a pizza or on bruschetta with the apéro.

I still have lots of Ananas and Rose de Berne to harvest but don't want just to turn them into an amorphous sauce as they have such good flavour.  Has anyone tried semi drying them or has anyone other ways to use them up. 

I dry tomatoes (roma types) in the dehydrator and then store them in oil.  It's a bit difficult to get the levels of dryness right - too much and they are like wood, too little and they might go off.  They are great later in the winter and are versatile as you can use them in salads or stews or soups...

My freezers are too full of other harvested produce to do more than add the last of the tomatoes separately into any nooks and crannies I can find. Very easy to take out as needed for soups,  stews etc.-  easy to peel too, just dunk briefly in hot water first (no good for salads of course 😉. )

Tricia  :wave:

Thanks both.  No room in my freezers either.  All the plum type tomatoes have been "sauced" and I have 5 jars of the cherry and pear types in oil.  Best try that trick with the bigger ones there but maybe cut them into quarters or more.

I semi dehydrate then freeze. This year been idle ( too busy?) and not done any passata yet


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