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best way to store squash

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We don't grow many so end up with just a couple of dozen fruits to store long term.   I start by picking them and leaving them to ripen in the sun on a wooden pallet.   Come mid October they get moved to the front steps - south facing - for an autumn display and then by end of November the ones we haven't already eaten get moved to open shelving in a shed.

We rarely eat potatoes and no longer find the need for a starchy veg with meals.  I buy sweet potatoes for roasting and mashing and we like pumpkin for soups, curries, tagines and so on.  We do eat wholemeal pasta and brown rice but not at every meal.

Helpful post. Have tried Butternut squash this year and was  pleased with the yield when I harvested a couple of days ago o o but I. donít really know how best to store.

I treat butternuts in much the same way as squash. I find they don't keep as long as the squash do, but it's still a couple of months or so. Though if I have more than a few, I get required to give them away!

I keep mine in my cellar itís perfect I had it tanked out and made into another room but never got round to putting a radiator in itís dry and maintains a temperature of 50 to 60 . Iíve picked all my butternuts and sweet dumplings and pumpkins as soon as they have cured and finished ripening Iíll store them in baskets in there. Iíve still got a butternut squash to use from last year and itís still in pristine condition. My garlic and potatoes keep well too so the temperature and humidity and darkness have a big part to play in storing your crop. Good luck.

So there you are, Ace. Your next project is to dig a cellar.


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