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I have  a million and one different winter squashes to harvest now the stalks have dried, pumpkins, mashed potato squash table queen, spagetti squash, butternuts and a load I do not know the names to. Never really grew them before apart from pumpkins and butternuts. Don't really have the room to store them conventionally, but I need them to last the winter out as they have taken the place of the usual starchy staples. Butternuts I can store on the larder racks, the pumpkins are slowly being dehydrated to make a type of flour. I did try and dehydrate a turks head to see if it would reconstitute when cooked, complete disaster, but the dogs liked it. Has anybody tried to freeze them in slices or preserve them any other way?

You can freeze them in chunks - they do go rather gloppy when thawed, so cut them into the sort of size you'd put in a dish, and whang 'em in as they are and cook until it's all warmed back up again. 

I have frozen Crown Prince squash in roast potato sized chunks very successfully. They were just as good, taste and texture as when they were fresh.

We keep ours whole in a cool unused garage, and keep an eye on them, when any shows signs of rots we either, use them their and then, or process into soup and freeze. If we get a lot at want we also chunk them and freeze them, usually in specific weights for some of our popular recipes.

Most of my squash is shredded raw into coleslaw, but some squash are too big - just 2 generous helpings a day for more than a few days means we're risking rot setting in - but shredded quarters and odds & ends are perfect for building a big kimchee jar - as long as they aren't rotting when they go in, then the pickling process will stop all that.

I wouldn't put in more than 25% squash in a normal mix, but you can bend the rules by using all the more pungent ingredients to make the pickle, but with 1/2 or even 1/4 the normal amount of chinese cabbage.  Then you can use that very long-lasting concentrate to make quick batches whenever you need them by adding the missing chinese cabbage (which seems to be readily available almost all year round - & in high season right now).



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