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Hi all and thank you for letting me join the forum.
I wonder if anyone can clarify the role of allotment plot manager, or does it depend on what site you belong too. Kind regards

I think the answer is"it depends".

Some allotments are private. Some are council run. Ours is a slightly unusual type. It is a council site, but day to day running is done by an elected committee.

So the committee members have to organise rent collection, which is then forwarded to the council. They also have to ensure tenants adhere to various rules, and as and when necessary arrange evictions.  There is a shop on site so that requires stock, and a rota of volunteers to be organised so it can open each Sunday. Finally the committee have to hold meetings including an annual general meeting that all plot holders can attend, and get to vote on who is on the committee and other decisions about the running of the site.

Our committee has ten members in all, but most of the work falls to just four.

Field manager: Lettings, rent collection, gate keys and security.
Treasurer: All financial transactions, book keeping, everything financial, getting everything audited at the end of the year.
Shop manager: Buying stock, organising the volunteer rota, taking and supplying seed orders.
Secretary: All paperwork, all correspondence, both external and with plot holders, booking meeting rooms, taking meeting minutes.  Liaison with council.

My guess would be that most sites have to undertake a similar range of tasks and responsibilities. But I would also guess that defining exactly what is done by the plot secretary will vary enormously, and could be very different from one site to another.

Tee Gee:
Ours was quite a simple chore in so far as the site secretary was basically a 'liaison' between the plot holders and the head of the Leisure Department of the council. If anyone had a problem, they would discuss it with the secretary, and hopefully it was settled there and then.

In the event it was more serious, the secretary would call in a member of the Leisure department's staff to resolve the problem (this only happened once in all my time on the plots). 

Having said that; a couple of secretaries we had during my 30+ years on the plot were somewhat officious and tried to boss us a round to how they thought the plots were run, which was sometimes contrary to the statutory rules and regulations as written in the contact documents we were given when taking on a plot/s. 

That meeting I mentioned was such an event, as it was agreed the secretary had overstepped his position, and the problem was amicably resolved.

The only concession the Secretary had was; his/her plot was 'rent-free' for services rendered.

Thank you for the replies. It seems to vary from one allotment association to another then with no set rules, or indeed roles. Confusing, as I  have recently taken the role of plot secretary which doesn't seem to have a role defined by the committee,  except for 'shows potential tenants around available plots' .


--- Quote from: Lucylou on September 28, 2021, 18:04:35 --- 'shows potential tenants around available plots'

--- End quote ---

Well there you go!

Perhaps they are trying to let you adapt to the job gradually.  Don't be too surprised if a few additional duties get mentioned as time goes by.

Good luck and enjoy.  One informal duty for our site secretary is to walk the field now and then and ask people if they have any concerns or comments to raise with the committee. Calls for high level diplomatic skills!!


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