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Just got my Cara late potatoes up. Skipped 20% of them  due to Eelworm. My wife has tried to salvage some by peeling enough for a couple of days but has still ended up discarding a greater percentage. Size wise very good but not many per root. I grew them some time back and had a similar problem. I also grew Harmony which went over quite quickly but had very little Eelworm problem. I find choosing a main crop from the Allotment Association a major problem as we have tried many varieties if they grow well without Eelworm problems then they boil down in the water as one of my fellow allotment neighbours has said today. In fact I have given her some of my  Cara that I chopped whilst digging them up today. Yes I get them up with a spade otherwise I fork too many. I am moving towards just growing earlies and second earlies but really do not want to go down that path as I pride my self in being almost self sufficient.

I gave up on maincrop because of the multiple problems. Now I grow Pentland Javelin and Charlotte, both of which keep right through winter, I know you don't get the weight of crop but otherwise I don't see a difference.

I would add Pink Fir Apple to that list.  Beautiful as an early, with fantastic flavour.  But they also keep through the winter, and have one huge advantage, that they keep firm no matter how much they are cooked, eg in a casserole. 

For me, it's slugs. I find the first earlies aren't too affected (Swift and Charlotte this year) and Kestrel as a second early has real resistance - about one potato from 24 plants was slugged, even though I didn't lift them until the end of August. The Kestrel just about keep to Christmas if we want. I try a row of maincrop from time to time - Vale's Sovereign this year which were good but about a third were slightly damaged and not enough good ones to be worth storing. It will be just Charlotte and Kestrel next year (unless  ...).

It's been too dry for me to get a good crop. Then I allowed a crop of self sown sunflowers grow in the middle of the crop. Because they are pretty but it really wasn't a good idea.


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