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Who is this fellow?


Found it on the squash plants. Some kind of wasp?

Don't know, but impressed by your camera skills!

My suggestion is a variety of soldier beetle. With red or orange or yellow body and a darker wing case they are meant to resemble early soldier uniforms.  They are good guys feeding on pollen and nectar but also aphids and other insect pests.  I'm not certain but seems a good possibility.

I was pleased to see a devils coach horse the other day on the lottie. Hadn't seen one for ages.

Not too pleased to see a badger latrine though.  All part of nature, but rather wish they'd go away and leave my sweetcorn alone. 

Thanks for the suggestion. It does look very much like a soldier beetle, but the head and antennae are different. I think I've seen those hanging out on dill flowers. Based on the appearance of the eyes I've looked through charts of solitary bees/wasps and found some that are similar, but not exactly the same. And it has an odd-looking thorax. Totally at a loss.

It is a puzzle. Wasps often have a narrow waist between the thorax and abdomen. I've run out of ideas.


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