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House up for sale, gave up allotment, should have kept it during lockdown, but Morrisons free sunflower seeds did well and picking sweet peas every day. Next doors white flowering beans doing well and been told to pick the ones that have come my side of the fence. So fresh beans everyday. Dulcie still doing OK and doesnt want to move and next door wants us to stay. Hope everyone is OK on this site.

Nice to hear from you again...
We have a NGS Open Day on the lotties tomorrow... so a bit busy!

Good to hear from you, Borlotti, always like news of Dulce - must be a good age now? Remember to butter his paws when you move!

Lovely to hear from you Borlotti, I am glad Dulcie is still doing well :) I hope your house move all goes well when you get a buyer.  Love the sunflowers. Will you have a garden when you move?

Hopefully a 2 bedroom bungalow with a garden, lots of viewings but no offers yet. OH has made big cage for Dulcie and he loves it, put it in cupboard under stairs with door open so he wont be too scared when and if we move. Hope you all had a good growing season. I had to buy courgettes!!


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