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I took delivery of my brand-new shed (5x7) on September 1st.

Some early reflections to share:

1. I wish I'd got a window that'll open! I may change my mind come winter, but the past couple of days have been too hot to do anything! Airless!
2. My door is south facing. I don't regret the choice, but from 11.00 to 14.00, there's not a lot of shade at this time of year inside the (airless) shed if I have the door open!
3. I'm tempted to make a sundial on the floor of my shed to tell the time!
4. I acquired an armchair (free) from Facebook marketplace two days after the shed arrived. Bigger and more upholstered than I was anticipating - but I am not regretting it!
5. I have a very small table but am already thinking of how to source a free workbench. Or shelves. Stuff takes up so much room.
6. I need to find a solution to treading earth into the shed (or having it drop off my spade and fork). A mat? One of those plastic things? A carpet offcut I can pick up and shake off?  All advice welcome.

A shed with an armchair?  What luxury!

The problem with having a luxury gaffe on an allotment is you may not be the only one who appreciates the comfort. If I was you, I'd get a mousetrap too!

It's lovely to have a shed. Try a few pavers in front of it to help with the mud. I just use a yard brush to sweep out.

Tee Gee:
A relatively simple tool to clean your boots is to set up an inverted yard brush/ broom just outside the door. I envisage two pegs driven into the ground setting them a distance  equal to  the width of your brush/ broom then screw through the pegs into either end of the brush/ broom.

I hope that makes sense.

An alternative is to use an old rake in lieu of the brush.

Or you could over the top and fit up both and cater for both dry and muddy conditions!

In terms of an opener in your window what I do with my alloy greenhouse is remove a pane of glass in Sumer and clip in a similar sized piece of half inch weld-mesh to keep out birds/vermin then replace the pane of glass at the end of the season.

Hope this gives you some ideas

Tiny Clanger:
Boot scraper.  Solved our problem  :wave:


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