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Tomato leaf problems


I seem each year to get problems with tomato’s, the leaves start to curl and they look a purplish colour. They continue to fruit well and I know it is not blight as my local expert has looked at them but he is baffled. Any help please!


I had the same problem with one tomato plant in a container, but it made no difference to the very good crop it produced. In fact, it was the only plant I had which did not succumb to blight and all the tomatoes actually ripened on the plant!

Tricia  :wave:

Tee Gee:
This might resolve your problem;

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Thanks for trying to help but it looks as if I will still have to search for the answer. None of the pictures seem to fit and none of them have the purple tinge that I mentioned.


Deb P:
This might help? Found online…

“Tomato plant leaves will turn purple due to a phosphorus deficiency. This can happen if the soil lacks phosphorus or if the plant cannot absorb enough phosphorus from the soil due to a pH imbalance. Purple leaves on tomato plants due to phosphorus deficiency is more common in cold soil (below 60 degrees Fahrenheit).”


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