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Morning all,
following on from comments on Sweet Corn and other crops not being successful this year I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with ornamentals. I usually grow a range on Morning Glories and although all my varieties have grown only two have flowered. Although I have had buds on "Heavenly Blue" and others only Grandpa Otts and "Cardinalis" have flowered. Otts is nearest to the house and so probably has benefitted from heat off the back wall (South facing) but the Cardinalis is in the open and quite exposed. I have always thought the Cardinalis was the most tender!  :wave:

It's been a funny growing season here too.

We have the local version of field bindweed - one of the ipomea family - and it has been flowering happily at ground level in the grass and, when I don't catch it in time, climbing fences and plants and flowering there.  It's quite pretty with pink buds that open to white flowers with a pink tip or tinge but there's far too much of it and its roots go down to China.

I've a pot that's had Grandpa Otts in it for years (I assume it self seeds), but not one germinated this year . The hedge bindweed, on the other hand...

I grow a couple of pots of Heavenly Blue in the conservatory, they had a brilliant year - when they got too dead at the base I shoved the pots outside in a hawthorn hedge and they are still popping out the odd flower. As for field bindweed, well don't ask what it's done to my autumn rasberries!

All the easily available Ipomea will self seed, as I found out by mistake, taking a pot into a greenhouse to prolong the season... but most don't remain true... Heavenly Blue pales out in a couple of seasons. Grandpa Otts does come true and is the most successful in self-seeding outside. We have both bindweeds on site and they do respond well to constant, at least weakly pulling. Thankfully the cultivated seedlings are subtly different from the newly emerging tendrils!


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