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peat free compost

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Saw this in Homebase at the weekend

Bought some to act as a mulch on raised beds for soft fruit - seems OK.  No peat and organic.  If you check the price out elsewhere this is very good.

Tee Gee:
Sounds interesting and at 10p per litre it is reasonably priced!

It is enriched with guano, so this suggests that it is on a par with Chicken manure (so it will pong a bit I would imagine)

Recommendations; Use in a well ventilated place and avoid breathing in dust.
Wearing gloves is recommended  when using this product and always wash your hands after use.
Reseal bag after use and store in a cool place away from sun.

You can't beat a bit of guano!

Actually no noticeable smell other than good compost smell.  The wearing gloves is a standard disclaimer for compost.  Did note that in all 3 bags I opened the compost was well broken down - no large woody pieces.  Used 1 bag per 0.5 x 3m fruit bed - spread really easily. 

It is really good when you can get in front of yourself - just beat Monty to cutting out the summer fruiting canes. Usually struggling to catch up with myself at this time of year.


Please accept my apologies, I feel a right twerp.

Bought this as peat free, it was in a section of peat free composts at the store and got drawn in by the offer price & pretty packaging.  Had another look after Tee Gee's comment about guano.  There are lots of comments about organic and not compromising on efficacy, and

--- Quote ---We are actively working on improving the responsible sourcing profile of our compost mixes year on year. Miracle-Gro compost contains forest by-products, carefully processed to help you grow plants that improve your environment and make the world a more beautiful place.
--- End quote ---
but one small chart gives it away - this product does appear to contain peat.

One question - does not compromising on efficacy mean that I will have to tell the one who is to be obeyed?  Very militant about not using peat.


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